I’m Piotr, a software developer, living in Warsaw, Poland.


PixelPeeper (2017–)

PixelPeeper is a web app for photographers that reveals details about JPG files: it’ll show you camera settings and Lightroom edits made to the file.

The name of the site is a (somewhat derogatory) term for someone who zooms in their photos to 100% (or higher), trying to find imperfections of the camera or lens at the pixel level. In other words, a pixel peeper is someone who pays too much attention to technical aspects of photography. I thought it was a nice tongue-in-cheek name for a website that allows to dissect photos to technical details.

The app is written in Rails, with a Next.js frontend and a Postgres database.

imgkit (2021—)

imgkit it an image processing service, built mainly for PixelPeeper. It provides an API for extracting various information from images (metadata, AI insights) and serves all image files displayed on the site (dynamic thumbnails).

It’s a Go app with a Postgres database.

Other projects

You can find my other projects on GitHub.

This website

This website is a custom static site (HTML and Markdown), built with Hugo, deployed to a VPS server (via a GitHub action) and distributed globally by CloudFlare.